Connection with Action

A place where positive people connect.
Our community is made of many parts. It is fragile and diverse.
But if we carefully put it together and build it with Information it could be a masterpiece!

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Feature 1


Connect to our community with positive solutions to hold it together.


Provide an informative space, responsible for proposing solutions to improve the quality of life in our community.

Feature 2


Unite leaders, organizations, foundations, businesses and investors, to inform, promote and support programs that help create a better society.


Honesty. Leadership. Responsibility. Forbearance. Civic integration. Congruence.

Feature 3

Breaking Paradigms

Positive with positive add on in a positive multiplier effect. It is to add positive solutions to increase the positive charge and transform our community for the benefit of all.

Our Guests

Educate and inform our community raise the quality of life of those who live in it. It’s a win-win for everyone.
Suicide Crisis Center Society of women who loves shoes Veterinary Eye Institute Alejandrina Drew Quin Mathew Claudia Arango- Avance


Pro positives:

~•~ Leaders and entrepreneurs generating positive solutions.
~•~ They are doing something to benefit the community.
~•~ They are members or volunteers of organizations.
~•~ Tend to be bilingual and live well in both worlds, although some prefer to communicate in Spanish.
~•~ They are looking for a space to spread the word and promote their programs and efforts. This is where Conexión Con@cción is the bridge that connects with your audience.


~•~ Are recipients of the information that the Pro positives provide.
~•~ Recent immigrants or first generation, tend to need more support in adjusting to life in this country.
~•~ Many are bilingual and their level of acculturation is average, but most prefer to communicate in Spanish.
~•~ The younger generations, children born in America from immigrant parents prefer to communicate in English.
~•~ Recipients are also the ones that are unaware of the information. They usually do not seek for it, but as soon as received it, are proactive and take action.

Conexión con Acción

We create the bilingual informative multimedia platform that connects leaders who are generating positives solutions.
Profile 3

Itzel Vega, General Director

Degree in International Relations with honors.
~•~ 19 years of experience in Public Relations.
~•~ Producer and Host of the cultural section of the TV show Hoy en America, (during these three years of transmission, she presented over 500 organizations).
~•~ Community Relations representative for the ANTHEM campaign Familias Fuertes (Strong Families).
~•~ PR and producer for: KODF Mega 26, Éxito en la Familia TV show (Successful Family), Mexico Institute, I Media, Avance, Baylor Hospitaland DFW International Airport.
~•~ Co-host for the radio show Letra y Música (Poetry and Music).
~•~ Fluent in Spanish, English, French and Portuguese.
~•~ Earned the recognition from the President of the United States for her meritorious service in civic engagement to fulfill 600 hours of volunteer service in 2008.

Some Extracts from our guests interviews...

There are over 350 Non-profit Organizations established in the Dallas - Fort Worth Metroplex and just a few of them are effectively active with the Hispanic Population. This means that there is a need to connect these organizations with the largest minority in the United States. Conexión Con@cción creates a reliable and complete space where everyone can access information and interact with leaders in our community. It is the perfect space for sponsors seeking socially responsible and measurable exponential value in social networks.
Testimonial 1

"Peace starts within each one of us"

Anita Marcos, CEO Marcos Productions - Board Member of Peacemakers Incorporated

Testimonial 2

"It is important to be in contact with your children and identify those signals to intercede and prevent suicide among our youngsters"

Tommy Thompson, Board Member of Suicide and Crises Center of North Texas

Testimonial 3

"We carry the message to hispanic families of financial freedom"

Andres Gutierrez, Personal Finances Expert - CEO Andres Gutierres Show

Testimonial 4

"Encourage kids to honor and love themselves"

Beth Reese - Founder of Yoginos Yoga for You

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A place where positive people connect

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It is the perfect space for sponsors seeking socially responsible and measurable exponential value in social networks..
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